X-Nav Dynamic Guided Surgery

X-Nav Dynamic machine

Dynamic imaging guided surgery uses cameras to capture the surgeon’s precise position and movements in relation to the patient’s anatomy and relays them to computer monitors in the operatory. Tracked surgical instruments in conjunction with pre-operative images guide the procedure.  Similar to an instrument rated pilot flying in bad weather.  The position of surgical instruments within three dimensional images of the patient’s anatomy allow for more precise implant placement. The result is faster, safer and less invasive surgery.

Ideal implant placement gives a natural looking result.

X-Nav before The teeth next to the center teeth are supported by implants we placed.

Even a small positioning error results in an aesthetic compromise.

X-Nav after

The center teeth are supported by implants placed by another dentist.

A larger positioning error creates a restorative dilemma.

X-Nav before image

The long center tooth was place too far facially by another dentist.