Digital Smile Design

•Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a treatment planning protocol developed by Christian Coachman.  Through the use of videography, it analyzes patient’s facial and dental structures and then uses digital technology to create a custom designed smile that expresses the patient’s character.

Facially guided smile design approaches such as DSD takes into account and evaluates the following six parameters to give you a smile that fits your face and character.

1. Facial and dental mid-line

  • •The facial mid-line is often the starting point of a dental esthetic evaluation.
  • •The dental mid-line and facial mid-line are often not coincidental

2.Tooth-lip relationship at rest and smiling

  • •With the lips at rest, a youthful appearance of an unworn dentition will display 2-4mm of the central incisors with woman showing more than men.

3. Occlusal plane

  • Horizontal Esthetic Plane is determined by inter-pupillary line crossed with commissural line.
  • Two thirds of patients look good with smile parallel to inter-pupillary line.

4. Smile curve

5. Buccal corridor

6. Tooth shape and position

After your new smile is designed, is often possible to try out your new look before beginning treatment. Watch the following video to show the dramatic results that can be pre-viewed in a mock-up.

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