Restorative Dentistry

Do you always have dental problems?

If you never have had a comprehensive evaluation of your joints, teeth and gums to determine the cause of your problems, had a custom made treatment plan that addresses the cause and repairs existing damage, and then followed through on that plan, you will always have problems.

It is not enough to simply fix existing issues. To be truly free of dental problems you must address the cause.  A well thought out treatment plan will achieve that for you.  It is the most important part of your dental care.   A treatment plan is simply a prioritized approach to deal with the cause and effect of force, bacteria or acid on teeth.  Moving through your treatment plan in a systematic and comfortable pace is by far the most economical, least invasive approach to keeping your teeth healthy and attractive.

How do I get such a plan?

You and your restorative dentist create a plan together.  On your first appointment at our office, Dr Van Stralen will perform a thorough clinical examination and take records that assess your present condition.  During your second appointment, you and Dr Van Stralen will review your records.  You will be presented with options and associated fees for addressing the source of your problems and for restoring what may need attention.

The decision on which option to choose and how quickly to move through treatment is yours.  Dr Van Stralen believes that when given a complete set of choices, patients are in the best position to choose what will work best for themselves.

There are options?

Yes.  If your dental experience is one of waiting in a dental chair at the end of your cleaning for the dentist to arrive and to tell you that you need two crowns or a filling, you are receiving only a small amount of the information necessary for you to make a wise decision for yourself.  Treatment approaches vary widely.  If you are continually breaking teeth and require a crown every year or so, does it make sense to continue to crown tooth after tooth without looking deeper into your problem?

There are only three causes of dental problems:  bacteria, force and acid.  What is your plan, besides fixing the immediate problem, that prevents you from having the same issue next year?  Is the crown or filling that you are receiving addressing what caused your tooth to need repair? 

The choice of restorative material has a tremendous effect of the longevity of the restoration.  A composite restoration might work great on a small defect on a front tooth, but do you want a composite filling on a tooth that receives a heavy load such as a molar?  Is your present situation such that you prefer a initial lower cost shorter lasting restoration or would you rather accept a higher cost for a longer lasting restoration?  This is a lot to decide in a 20 second conversation.

Creating a restorative plan

Instead, when facing with these decisions, Dr Van Stralen will sit down with you and help you create a comprehensive restoration plan that prioritizes treatments after listening to your concerns and answering your questions.  The decisions are yours.

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