Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT)

Our office is equipped with a CT scanner to accurately diagnose conditions and plan a variety of oral surgeries. This technology captures 3-D images in under 20 seconds while emitting a fraction of the radiation of a hospital type (fan beam) traditional CT scanner. The images produced are distortion-free, anatomically correct, and far more accurate than traditional X-rays.

This technology allows patients to make better decisions for themselves as the risks and rewards of moving forward with treatment are made clearer. Procedures which were previously performed blind are now made safer and faster.

We have four visual imaging software programs:

  • X-Guide (X-Nav Technologies)
  • InVivo (Anatomage)
  • Simplant (Materialise)
  • Vision (Imaging Sciences). 

CBCT is perfect for implantology and other applications including extractions, root canal therapy, oral surgeries, and TMJ evaluation. Dr. Van Stralen, as an early adopter of new technology, has been using CBCT since 2008.

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